West Jordan Middle School Shows the Love for Resource Officer Chris Reyes

It was a big surprise and an even bigger show of love and support for West Jordan Middle School Resource Officer Chris Reyes. The school’s faculty, staff, and students honored Detective Reyes with a well-kept secret, surprising him at a school awards assembly. On stage, in front of a packed auditorium, Detective Reyes was told he was being charged (in a good way) with committing big acts of kindness, being responsive and always available to support any situation at the school, being a friend to all, being overall amazing, and always keeping students safe.

West Jordan City Mayor Dirk Burton and members of the West Jordan Police Department were on hand, along with Jordan School District Safety Coordinator Matt Alvernaz, to applaud Detective Reyes and show their support for all he does as a Resource Officer at West Jordan Middle.

Congratulations, Detective Chris Reyes, thank you for all you do to protect and serve students, teachers, staff, and the West Jordan Middle Community.