FUN FACT FRIDAY: 2020 Legislative Priorities

Picture of teacher and students in classroomMembers of the Board of Education recently met with local elected officials to talk about the Board’s 2020 Legislative Priorities.

The legislative priorities are as follows:

High Quality Instruction
We will continue to encourage quality instruction by providing our teachers competitive salaries, coaching, professional development, support staff, and resources to help our students learn at the highest levels.

  • Continue to implement salary options to attract and retain quality teachers
  • Remove barriers to competency education

Adequate Funding
We can best meet the needs of the District with an increase in WPU along with funding for enrollment growth, TSSA, and equalization.

  • Increase WPU and funding for enrollment growth.
  • Work collaboratively with the Utah Legislature to explore solutions to solve the tax imbalance in a way that ensures appropriate funding for education.

Mental Health and Wellness
We will continue to provide increased access to mental health resources and services along with continuing our health and wellness efforts.

  • Continue to provide access to mental health resources and services.
  • Support legislation regarding regulation of vaping and e-cigarettes.

Safe Schools
We realize the importance of maintaining our focus on school safety and the training of school staff, students and community.

  • Allow for local control of school safety options to address unique needs.

We realize the need for continued busing to insure the safety and well being of our students as they travel to and from school and sponsored events.

  • Support transportation costs to 85%.

Ridge View Elementary School Officially Dedicated with Big Thanks for Community Support

People Entering Gym for Dedication It was a night of saying thanks as students, teachers, staff, parents and members of the community came together to officially dedicate Ridge View Elementary School in Herriman. Student council members led a flag ceremony and members of the Ridge View Elementary choir performed the school song along with “We Can Make the Difference.” Principal Meredith Doleac said great students, supportive parents and amazing teachers are already helping the school create rich traditions and achieve student success. Board of Education President Bryce Dunford thanked everyone who helped to make the new school possible and said it was time to give Ridge View Elementary School back to the community.

A special thanks to Board of Education member Darrell Robinson for delivering the dedication speech.

Mountain Creek Middle School Officially Dedicated Thanks to Community Support

Dedication programIt was a night to say thank you to everyone who made the opening of the new Mountain Creek Middle School in South Jordan possible. Board of Education President Bryce Dunford told those who gathered that the school opened on time and under budget and now it belongs to the community. He said it is time for students to begin what will be lasting traditions at Mountain Creek. Other speakers said with caring, hard-working administrators, teachers and staff at Mountain Creek, the school is in good hands.

A special thanks to State Representative Susan Pulsipher for delivering the dedication speech.

Dedication Ceremony Celebrates Mountain Ridge High Students, Staff and Community

Students with Mike HaynesIt was a night to show appreciation and say thanks to everyone who came together supporting and welcoming the new Mountain Ridge High School into the communities it now serves. Board of Education President Bryce Dunford told those who gathered that as students and staff begin establishing new and lasting traditions at Mountain Ridge, we must never forget that the school belongs to the community. Mr. Dunford recognized prior Board members for paving the way for construction of Mountain Ridge which was built at a 17% cost savings, on time and under budget. He thanked everyone for their role in building the school and congratulated students and the community for embracing Mountain Ridge and taking pride in being ‘Sentinel Strong.’

A special thanks to State Board of Education and Jordan Education Foundation Board Member, Mike Haynes for delivering the dedication speech.

FUN FACT FRIDAY: Help Us Celebrate and Dedicate New Schools

Everyone is invited to join us as we show our sincere appreciation for community support helping Jordan School District to build and open a number of amazing new schools this year.

We are dedicating four of them in the month of November and will celebrate West Jordan Middle School’s dedication in early spring after completion of the parking lot and fields.

Dedication Dates Flyer