Fall 2018 Administrative Assignments

The following are new administrative assignments:

  • Bobbie Nixon, intern facilitator at Herriman Elementary School, appointed assistant principal at Bastian and Herriman Elementary Schools.
  • Megan Cox, teacher specialist at Blackridge Elementary School, appointed assistant principal at Golden Fields and Rose Creek Elementary Schools.
  • Jerri Mausbach, assistant principal at Oquirrh Elementary School, appointed assistant principal at Oquirrh and Southland Elementary Schools.
  • Amy Adams, assistant principal at Herriman and Riverside Elementary Schools, appointed assistant principal at Riverside Elementary School.
  • Candie Checketts, assistant principal at Butterfield Canyon and Rose Creek Elementary Schools, appointed assistant principal at Butterfield Canyon Elementary School.

Educators Participate In Full Day of Important Safety and Wellness Training

Picture of teachers in auditoriumEducators throughout the District came together for a full day of professional development focused on safety and wellness. Every teacher received the training thanks to $1 million dollars the Board of Education set aside to pay teachers for their participation. It was a day of listening and learning about important health, wellness and safety information that will not only benefit teachers but the overall health, wellness and safety of students as well.

A special thanks to Lieutenant Matt Pennington (South Jordan Police Department), Captain Chet Ellis (Unified Fire Authority), Professor of Criminal Justice, Justin W. Patchin and Professor of Psychology, Dr. Scott Poland for sharing their knowledge and support for Jordan School District.

Bluffdale Elementary School Students Help Break Ground for New Schools

Bluffdale Elementary students turn the shovels at groundbreaking ceremony for two new schoolsIt was an exciting day as ground was broken for a new elementary school and a new middle school in Bluffdale. We want to thank everyone who participated, including Ms. Brown’s 5th grade class from Bluffdale Elementary School. The students sang two musical numbers to the delight of the crowd and then grabbed some shovels and helped to break ground, paving the way for construction of the new schools.

Enjoy a photo gallery on our Facebook page.

Agreement Approved Between JEA and Board of Education

The Jordan School District Board of Education is pleased to announce that an agreement has been reached on the 2018-19 teacher compensation package. The Jordan Education Association (JEA) approved the agreement on Monday and the Board unanimously approved the agreement Tuesday.

Thank you to the JEA for their collaboration and insight helping to reach this salary increase agreement. In addition, we are thankful to all of the individuals who worked on the Licensed Educator Compensation Task Force (LECTF) who came up with ideas implemented in this agreement.

Here are some highlights of the new compensation package:

  • All teachers receive a $3,675 raise factoring in their step increase and an additional professional development day.
  • The starting salary for all brand-new teachers is now $42,800.
  • A total of $3 million is being set aside for a brand new JSD grant. Teachers who apply for the grant can receive up to an additional $3,000 in compensation based on exemplary work.
  • Mentor teacher compensation is increased to a day’s pay per mentee.
  • Elementary school teachers will now be paid for parking lot duty.
  • Secondary teachers who give up their prep time and teach an extra period will receive higher compensation – from a 12.5% stipend to 16.7%.
  • Teachers obtaining additional education levels will continue to receive additional compensation.

Teacher Appreciation

Dear Exemplary Employees:

In education, great people make all the difference.

Letter from the Board of EducationEducators are the source of most organized instruction, of course, but every employee can be a model of civility, generosity, integrity, and competency—character traits, which are the bedrock of a productive society.

Some of you have worked for years in the District; others are fresh faces.  Our students know you and recognize your contribution to their education, whether it is in the classroom, in the administrative offices, or in one of the many professions required to keep a large school district operational.  Each of you has proven yourselves to be good people first, and competent people second.  You are essential to our literally thousands of relationships between caring adults and students.  And those relationships have built bridges of knowledge and safety around our young people — As our five high school student body presidents agreed last year, “Students need to feel a sense of home when they are at school.”  When they know you care about them, they feel safe in the shelter of that concern, and their education thrives.

That is why the Board of Education is investing so many of the District’s valuable dollars to improve employee salaries.  Because as much benefit as students may receive from effective curriculum, programs, and one-on-one technology devices, optimum learning happens when individuals interact with students.

We are grateful for the exceptional work of every member of our incredible army of conscientious classified and licensed employees.  Your work is essential to the support of our young people as they progress, learn, and discover their individual talents, abilities and ambitions.  Thank you, JSD employees, for your willingness to constantly reflect on current practices and continually renew and improve–both individually and as a District.  Moreover, thank you for keeping “every child, every day” at the forefront of the work we do each day and for working together to accomplish the noblest of goals:  the safety and success of our students and their futures.

With genuine appreciation,

The Jordan School District Board of Education