Supercast Episode 5: Lessons From a Utah Jazz Legend

Anthony Godfrey holds Thurl Bailey's #41 Jersey while standing with himUtah Jazz legend Thurl Bailey talks about growing up in a home where he was never allowed to be average. He even sings for the Superintendent.

Then we hear from a second grade student, a middle school student and a high school senior – they all have questions for the Superintendent.

Supercast Episode 4: Styled By Students

A student give a hair cut to the Superintendent We head into a classroom at JATC South in Riverton where students are learning how to be barbers and hairstylists. Superintendent Godfrey sits down for his own haircut and style – is it the popular Pompadour or does the Superintendent walk away with a Reverse Fade?

Then, CTE Director Jason Skidmore is in studio to talk about all the opportunities for students at JATC South and what parents need to know about the programs.

Supercast Episode 3: The Happiness Forecast

Superintendent Anthony Godfrey and two students show off their superhero shirtsGetting the Forecast Right Can Bring More Sunshine Into Your Child’s Life
How can parents help manage the fear and uncertainty that comes with a new school year, new environments and new friendships?

Superintendent Anthony Godfrey sits down with JSD Health and Wellness Specialist McKinley Withers to talk about managing change in our child’s life and offers some ways to help overcome the social health crisis we are seeing in students today.

FUN FACT FRIDAY: Welcome to the SUPERCAST podcast!

Jordan School District is excited to announce the debut of our first-ever podcast. It’s called the Supercast, hosted by Superintendent Anthony Godfrey. The Supercast will feature students, teachers, staff, parents and more as the Superintendent travels in schools throughout the District collecting interesting stories to tell and experiences to share. The Supercast will address topics important to parents. It is designed to educate, inform and hopefully even entertain you.

You can subscribe and listen to the Supercast through Apple Podcasts, Google Play Music, Spotify or your favorite podcast app. Join us on the Supecast.  Let’s have some fun and stay informed together.