Supercast Episode 229: Falcon Ridge Elementary School Students Become Podcasting Pros

Superintendent with the Falcon Ridge podcasting prosThey are elementary school students who simply love storytelling and getting in front of the microphone to share their stories with anyone willing to listen.

On this episode of the Supercast, we head to Falcon Ridge Elementary School where a student produced podcast called the Junior Falcon’s is giving everyone involved opportunities to tell stories in a way that is fun and educational, fostering new skills they can take into a future careers.

Find out what happens when we show up to do a podcast, on the Junior Falcon’s podcast.

Supercast Episode 228: Wellness Day Fun for Families, “What Parents Need to Know”

Superintendent with Mckinley Winters and his childrenIt is a full day set aside for students, teachers, and staff in Jordan School District to prioritize their health and wellness at home and in school. The third annual Health and Wellness Day is Friday, February 9 and while there will be no in-person learning for students that day, they are encouraged to participate in Wellness activities with family and friends at home.

On this episode of the Supercast, we explore the Wellness Day activities for your child appropriate to their age and grade level that support things like eating well, better sleep, exercise, and interaction. Join us as we get your family started on the road to a healthy, happy Wellness Day.

Supercast Episode 227: Classroom Volunteer John Titus Changing Lives with His Love for Students and Learning

Superintendent with Kimberly Mendenhall and John TitusShe says working with him is like winning the lottery every single day at Fort Herriman Middle School.

On this episode of the Supercast, we take you inside teacher Kimberly Mendenhall’s classroom where a volunteer by the name of John Titus has become a priceless part of instruction. Mr. Titus spends every minute he can helping to change lives with his love for students and their learning. Despite being retired, John shows up for students and Ms. Mendenhall almost every single day.

Supercast Episode 226: Riverton High Students Making Magic in Musical Dance Theater

Superintendent with Riverton High musical dance theater studentsThey are a talented group of students making magic happen in musical dance theater. On this episode of the Supercast, we head to Riverton High School where teacher Clin Eaton has been producing amazing performances with students singing and dancing their hearts out for more than three decades.

This time students are taking the stage in a production called “One of These Nights, a Broadway Review” and we got a front row seat to see how rehearsals are going.

Supercast Episode 225: The Sweet Success Story of South Valley’s Student Run Soda Shop

Supercast album art They make fun and flavorful soda’s for sipping and simply enjoying. On this episode of the Supercast, we take you to South Valley School’s Sip’n 7 Soda Shop.

Find out how it is helping students learn how to work in a small business, exchanging money, and making customers happy creating a customized soda to order, big or small.